Some Progress…

Today I got some feedback on what bits of the Lit. Review I have sent to my supervisor. It’s looking good, and I can announce to myself here that I am finally finished the Lit. Review! One chapter down, four to go…

I’m also not going to England, but I can write about how hard it was to access the tabloids here in the thesis. Sweet. I finish a chapter and instantly have material for another!

Song of the day!


Meeting 14/06/2010

After a ridiculous week which held four birthdays, I had a meeting with my supervisor at noon. I’m fairly sure the week I had showed on my face from the moment I walked into his office. It went well though. He didn’t have copies of the examples of work I had done but no biggie. A quick print off using the college computers saved the day. Last minute for the win. He was happy enough, and ever the optimist, he suggested that I turn my disaster concerning the tabloids into an advantage. He’s right though. If there was no copies of Irish tabloids available back in the ’80s, that’s the way it was. I can hardly lie and make it up. And besides, I’m nearly done with the broadsheets notes-wise so it would be awful if this set back threw me off completely. I am to email him a sample of my Literary Review Chapter around the second week of July. This is a fairly big chapter of the dissertation at around 3,000 words. I have the “skeleton” of it done but no… uh meat yet.

Song of the day!

If You Haven’t Noticed…

For anyone who browsed through my old blog (dochendrix), I have “upgraded” to “dochendrix2” Imaginative huh? 😛

I felt this dissertation deserved a blog of its own, and also I thought my previous blog was a little cluttered and pointless for what I’m doing now. I’m not in Multimedia anymore (hence the decline in imagination). As referenced in my previous blog, I have completed that as an undergraduate degree. Due to the horror show that is the Irish economy, and the fact I would like to lecture, I took a Masters in Political and Public Communication. This blog will log how I progress through this. It is to motivate (mostly myself), remind (again, myself) and also show what the all-important song of the day is 🙂

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! (Even if I am just talking about myself…)

Song of the day!

And it Begins Again…

Shall be updating this ol’ thing again to cover my MA thesis. I am not sure whether to just continue on my old blog, or just keep going with this one as of yet.


Song of the day!