Some Progress…

Today I got some feedback on what bits of the Lit. Review I have sent to my supervisor. It’s looking good, and I can announce to myself here that I am finally finished the Lit. Review! One chapter down, four to go…

I’m also not going to England, but I can write about how hard it was to access the tabloids here in the thesis. Sweet. I finish a chapter and instantly have material for another!

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Meeting 14/06/2010

After a ridiculous week which held four birthdays, I had a meeting with my supervisor at noon. I’m fairly sure the week I had showed on my face from the moment I walked into his office. It went well though. He didn’t have copies of the examples of work I had done but no biggie. A quick print off using the college computers saved the day. Last minute for the win. He was happy enough, and ever the optimist, he suggested that I turn my disaster concerning the tabloids into an advantage. He’s right though. If there was no copies of Irish tabloids available back in the ’80s, that’s the way it was. I can hardly lie and make it up. And besides, I’m nearly done with the broadsheets notes-wise so it would be awful if this set back threw me off completely. I am to email him a sample of my Literary Review Chapter around the second week of July. This is a fairly big chapter of the dissertation at around 3,000 words. I have the “skeleton” of it done but no… uh meat yet.

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Meeting 2.0 Revisited

Had my second meeting with my coordinator today. Was more of a general banter about the thesis. The next goal is for some point in early June. I can hopefully have two or three pages of bullet points concerning Chapter 2 of the dissertation (I use the terms “thesis” and “dissertation” interchangeably throughout this blog!). This chapter is the Lit. Review, or the “review of literature”. I have had it in my head that I will dislike this chapter intensely. Having had the coordinator explain what is contained in this chapter further (I didn’t do one for my last thesis as it was not required), this preconception has not diminished at all.

To continue the negative buzz, I have very painful sinusitis and three big assignments (for other modules) to do in the next three weeks. Fun fun. But at least the thesis is still “all systems go”. And plus, my supervisor (teehee, now I can use that term rather than “coordinator”! 😀 ) says that the Lit. Review will be one of the biggest chapters, so it will be pretty kewl if I could get that done as early as possible.

Better make a plan of what to do next in the next few days… Much as I want to get smashed, the aul sinuses will be keeping me in for the next few days anyway.

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Meeting 2.0

“Dochendrix, can we meet next Thursday at 3pm to discuss the thesis?”

“Umm, okay.”

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OK it may not apply to me but a rather strongly worded e-mail summarizes my feelings when I looked at it today. Since I haven’t been given the “all clear”, it is rather worrying.

“Fellow Scholars,

I have had thesis proposals from most people in the class, and I will meet many of you tomorrow night.  However, if you did not get in touch with me and did not send me a proposal, the opportunity for submitting a thesis in September 2010 is rapidly fading.”

OK so I am slightly less worried because I am on the meeting list, and have sent revised proposals, but still! 😐

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First Meeting…

So I had a meeting with my course coordinator to try and improve my initial proposal. I had sent a “proto-proposal” and a draft proposal, which were riddled with problems. “Woolly” unclear and “very confused” was how my coordinator described it.

So my coordinator was kind enough to give me some of his time (it ended up being nearly an hour of it) to try and sort out this mess. Needless to say, I was in bad form going in, and I’m sure this was obvious. We got straight into the idea, and he wanted me to first “talk him through” it.

Oh yeah, the idea! I want to examine how the stories during the crisis Budgets of 1987 and 2009 in Ireland were “framed” by the Irish print media. Framing theory (and it’s offshoot, agenda-setting) are well documented theories about how stories are arranged in order of importance. I want to examine if the media arranged their stories to reflect the Budget crises, or whether the Editor determined  the “agenda” of the paper.

My coordinator seemed satisfied with my idea once I spoke to him about it, but he said I really need to work on writing it down clearly. For a proposal of 1,500 words (roughly) every sentence is important. Naturally this is something I failed utterly to realize. He ended the meeting by asking for a new draft proposal as soon as possible. Despite the Trinity Ball looming over me the next day(!) I said I’d have an email for him by hopefully Sunday. He ended the meeting by saying I had “good bones for a good thesis” but I wasn’t convinced, but that’s my problem, not his 😛

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The First Proposal

I wish this was as happy as a marriage proposal, but since it’s thesis related, you can probably guess the mood behind the title. The plan was to send the co-ordinator of my course a 500-word outline of what I was going to do. So I did so, and sent him a “proto-proposal” of what I was aiming for. This was on March 8th. I got feedback a week later saying it was extremely unclear, “woolly” and disjointed. So my co-ordinator offered to meet me the very next day (probably due to my anxious e-mails!) to get it sorted as quickly as possible. Next update will show my idea and the problems that existed, as well as how that all-important meeting went! Not gonna lie though, that feedback put me in a foul mood that week. Was most upset at the prospect of possibly not having a thesis after all this work!

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