The First Proposal

I wish this was as happy as a marriage proposal, but since it’s thesis related, you can probably guess the mood behind the title. The plan was to send the co-ordinator of my course a 500-word outline of what I was going to do. So I did so, and sent him a “proto-proposal” of what I was aiming for. This was on March 8th. I got feedback a week later saying it was extremely unclear, “woolly” and disjointed. So my co-ordinator offered to meet me the very next day (probably due to my anxious e-mails!) to get it sorted as quickly as possible. Next update will show my idea and the problems that existed, as well as how that all-important meeting went! Not gonna lie though, that feedback put me in a foul mood that week. Was most upset at the prospect of possibly not having a thesis after all this work!

Song of the day! (appropriate!)


If You Haven’t Noticed…

For anyone who browsed through my old blog (dochendrix), I have “upgraded” to “dochendrix2” Imaginative huh? 😛

I felt this dissertation deserved a blog of its own, and also I thought my previous blog was a little cluttered and pointless for what I’m doing now. I’m not in Multimedia anymore (hence the decline in imagination). As referenced in my previous blog, I have completed that as an undergraduate degree. Due to the horror show that is the Irish economy, and the fact I would like to lecture, I took a Masters in Political and Public Communication. This blog will log how I progress through this. It is to motivate (mostly myself), remind (again, myself) and also show what the all-important song of the day is 🙂

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! (Even if I am just talking about myself…)

Song of the day!

And it Begins Again…

Shall be updating this ol’ thing again to cover my MA thesis. I am not sure whether to just continue on my old blog, or just keep going with this one as of yet.


Song of the day!